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Sunday, July 5, 2009

ColumnsWhere can you Use Them?

You can use them practically anywhere you want to, from the front and back verandas, porches, in front of the garage, making a colonnade entrance to you front door, a colonnade in your yard heading towards your garden with timbers across them , growing vines on them to give you shade in the hot summer days. Columns can be used also as carport posts with a roof on them, Build a porter cochere in front of the house as drop off point, to park your car under it,Use them for gazebos, Pergolas, to support the roof of your house are you building a Georgian House use them for the portico as well as the stick on quoins, or the full block quoins , along with the window sills, Build a rotunda in your country house using 350mm Tuscan columns, great to have a Barbie or have an orchestra play in it.

Of course there are also Square Columns available that you can use for an aesthetical look, or as structural columns.

Pier Caps

Also called Caps, Pyramid Caps, Post Caps

When you build a brick pier and brick wall you usually want to cap it with some sort of Capping to finish the job off, Flat Pier Caps, or pyramid shaped caps are used for the piers, flat wall cappings, or rounded edged cappings, also called bullnose caps, some people like to use some of the more elaborate wall cappings like a moulded side wall capping, or Ridged wall capping.

Baluster Fencing

A row of balusters is called balustrading , you use these to create a fence.

Fencing plays a very important part in our life providing security and peace of mind. Balusters and posts are used to fence off a verandah, or a balcony to prevent people from falling over the edge, they are used as staircases railings, also as a swimming pool fence with gates attached to the posts to keep it locked so that little babies don’t go in unless supervised by an adul.

You can use them to create a landscape garden in a country house, in the backyard or at the front of the house.

Incorporate a bull nose fence with picket fencing on top of the bull nose with gate posts and pier caps the choices and styles are endless with our products.

Gate Posts

Used to create a driveway Grand entrance and attach all types of gates from lightweight to cast iron gates, they can be incorporated with smaller diameter posts to fence off your property.

About the author:

Vincent Scaturro has been in the architectural concrete manufacturing for the last 22years. His role is as director specializing in architectural design and custom made products.


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